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Rivil International Education Consultants, being a Singapore Education Specialist in Sri Lanka, will be guiding and assisting eligible Sri Lankan students who would like to continue their further studies in Singapore with an 75% tuition grant. Singapore is a modern education hub for higher education and offers a friendly & safe environment for international students. Singapore's education system is well structured and qualification from Singapore government institutions are recognized globally. Republic Polytechnic offered about 30 scholarships to Sri Lankan students last year.

The Tuition Grant scheme covers 75% of your tuition fees, and the remaining 25% amounts to approximately S$ 7660 per year. After completing your studies at Republic Polytechnic, students who a good GPA will have the opportunity to continue their degree studies at one of the Singapore universities. There are also scholarship opportunities available.

Republic Polytechnic has also developed affiliations with foreign universities such as University of Bristol (UK), University of Bath (UK), Queensland University of Technology (Australia), University of Adelaide (Australia) & Monash University for students to continue their Degree studies. Polytechnic graduates from Singapore are popular with employers as they emerge into the working world, fully equipped with hands- on skills relevant to the industry.

The education system at Republic Polytechnic is Problem-Based Learning (PBL) which has a practical approach for learning and it has been well recognized throughout the world. This institution has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and buildings in an environmentally friendly atmosphere. It boasts of library facilities with WIFI internet access throughout the campus and a 3 storey indoor sports complex with a gymnasium. It also consists of a rock climbing wall and an Olympic size outdoor swimming pool. Main faculties are Applied Science, Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Sports, Health and Leisure, Technology for the Arts, Hospitality, Culture and Communication.

There is a range of Diploma programmes to choose from like Aerospace Engineering, Civil Aviation, Biomedical Science, Biotechnology and many more from the given faculties.



In 2009 I started my greatest dream journey of becoming an Aircraft engineer in Sri Lanka where I learned my ABC in air craft engineering. Upon completion of my studies there I was able to join with Deccan Aviation Lanka as a trainee Aircraft Technician. I heard about Republic Polytechnic and I tried my luck by registering myself for their scholarship programme with dreams of obtaining more qualifications, better exposure in aeronautical field & equip myself with more skills in the field of Aviation to make my future a brighter and better one.

After facing the entrance examination I was informed that I have been selected as 1 of the winner of the tuition grant program to follow the diploma in Aerospace Engineering at Republic Polytechnic. These tuition grants surely took some of the financial burden off and expanded horizons of my career path.

At RP all the students are privileged to learn with modern education system where we learn everything on case analysis basis & I find it really interesting as we are getting the practical knowledge on solving real life problems and it allows more time to focus on understanding our own pattern needed to find success. Students from Polytechnic education background are highly welcomed by the Singapore job market and students are being offered with exciting career opportunities with attractive salary remuneration packages as well.

Finally, I should express my gratitude to Rivil Education Consults, who took care of every single thing involved in this process from day I submitted my documents in Sri Lanka and until I got my Student pass in Singapore. Rivil is equipped with highly professional and service oriented but yet very friendly team who will always take care of their students rather being just a foreign educational consultant. I wish all the very best for the Students who are taking the entrance test for the next intake and good luck for Rivil in their future prospects as well.

Yasantha Anuradha
Diploma in Aerospace engineering.

Having the opportunity to study in Singapore, especially in a city where students from around the world meet, Republic Polytechnic was the correct answer to the question "which campus to choose among others." At Republic Poly, students have the opportunity to be taught in small classroom sizes, which gives the advantage of a personal communication between students and facilitator. My facilitator gave too much care, something that I found great for students coming from other parts of the world to Singapore. And all this because of the support and guidance provided by Rivil International. They took great care on all who were selected for the tuition grant through them. If it was not them, I wouldn't have been able to do my diploma with a small amount in hand.

Kasun Dulanjaya Wijesundara
Dip. in Micro & Nanotechnology

Study abroad is a learning experience. Not only you get the opportunity to learn about another culture and begin to see things from a new perspective, but you also learn so much about yourself. You surprise yourself and begin to see things you didn't think you had inside you. I have always thought of myself as an independent person but actually living in Singapore showed me a completely different side of independence which I had never experienced.

I was inspired to study in Singapore, by my desire to meet different people, and to see the opportunities presented to me by an entirely new and different multicultural country. Republic Polytechnic (RP) is known for its prestigious reputation, and hence it occurred to me that it would be an ideal environment to pursue my academia, whilst being able to make new friends and meet different people from various ethnic backgrounds.

Part of what I love about my degree is the privilege of using all kinds of facilities and resources available in all courses studied. The time which I spent using these facilities has enhanced my learning experience by providing an in-depth understanding problem based learning .Here at Republic Polytechnic we have very unique way of learning which makes the students more confident, knowledgeable and professional in our future careers.

And to come to this position I must always remember my parents and Rivil International who gave me their fullest support. I got to know about RP from Rivil International and from the first day onwards they guided me and everyone who applied for the Tuition Grant from ministry of education in Singapore. Also provided great support in meeting directors from RP and conducting seminars on how the student life will be at RP. And not only that, Rivil International gave us preparation training for the scholarship exam in prior hand. They trained all the students who applied for the scholarship in a very meticulous way. I was lucky to have found them and applied through them.

What I love most about living in Singapore is the standard of living, it is very safe for students.
After my diploma I hope to apply for a university and I hope to do a degree on the same subject I'm studying now. So, I can get more knowledge and learn to be a good Environmental scientist like I always dreamt to be.

Nadeesha Jayawardene
Diploma in Environmental Science (R29)
School of Applied Science

Scholarship Winners

We congratulate the following students Who received 75% tuition grant for the year 2011 / 2012 place by Rivil.

We congratulate the following students Who received 75% tuition grant for the year 2013 place by Rivil.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements
Cambridge International Examination G.C.E. "O" Level , G.C.E. AS and "A" Level

English : [Grade: A-C]
Mathematics : [Grade: A-C]
Any relevant Science subject : [Grade: A-C]
Any other 2 subjects: [Grade: A-C]

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Entry Requirements
Sri Lanka GCE "O" Level

English : Distinction - A
Mathematics : Very Good Pass - B
Science : Very Good Pass - B

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